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These were the Best Music Videos Boston’s Premier Vlog, The Museum TV, seen out of Boston and Massachusetts as a whole in 2016. This collection of videos were compiled on the grounds of: Hit Potential, Quality of the Video, the Artist’s Consistency & the WOW Factor. As a Vlog we felt it was only right to continue to make these Annual Videos for our Supporters and Future Supporters. We love Visuals & this year showed Growth as No Artist made the Collection Twice. Boston & Massachusetts are on the come up. This is the most respectable period of Growth the Arts have had here in Years. We really hope you enjoy this video & people, push for even greater visuals in 2017! Please Like, Comment On & Share this Video! #TMTV

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Intro & Outro Instrumental By: Finn Wigan
SoundCloud: Finn Wigan


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This Is Not A List 2! Collection:

Cousin Stizz – 500 Horses
Joyner Lucas – I’m Sorry
Ca$h Gotti – ACE
KyE Nathaniel – Pure Meditation
Pistola – SWANG
Dutch ReBelle – Mix It Up
Dutchy DoBad – Doin Numbers
6ixLayne – 3M
Kyle Bent – Supplier
Wizz Dakota – Wednesday
Gio Dee – Trap No More
Avenue – Party’s Over (Ringing Off)
Marvelous Stefan – Doozy
PLAD Fine$$e – The Scene
Connor Donovan Feat. I.O.D – Way Before
The Samo D – Creepin’
Brandon Tory – Swish
Jean-Luc – FMLYD
Sechion – Outchea/Man To You
Bia – Gucci Comin Home

Written by #TheMUSEUM