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This was our second year following Potent Society’s City Love Tour based out in Lowell, MA. Potent Society (MA Based) puts on this Tour every year to provide a platform for Artists. The growth we’ve seen from hearing about their first year, to experiencing the second and then to this year is just inspiring. This time around they pulled in artists from a wider range than usual and made sure each show had it’s own vibe. The tour featured the likes of: 6ixlayne, Garrett, Samo D, RAMS, Noel Pancho, Latrell James, Arty $lang, Cool Dubs, Potent Pelle, Eugene Junior, Darius Heywood, Original Kadeem and of course the headliner, Sechion. Every-night was a different experience and Sechion will help narrate you through the City Love Tour 3! Get Familiar & Join them Next Year! Enjoy & Please share! #TMTV

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