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Samaritans Steps & #TheMUSEUM TV present The C Beyond Book Scholarship to grant a deserving High School Senior residing in Boston $500 towards text books for their First year in College. This was designed for Students with less than stellar GPAs that don’t reflect their real potential. Samaritans Steps Founder Kevin Lilly’s (@SarcasticSaint) academic past was a mirror of this until he graduated Lasell College Magna Cum Laude. #TheMUSEUM TV’s Creator Noble (@Le_GooLord) also had troubles finding finances entering college but ended up graduating Cum Laude anyway. We want to help someone who plans to overcome this obstacle too. Please mention this to any High School Senior or anyone in direct contact with them to raise awareness of this opportunity to cut those college expenses! 📚

Follow This Link To The Scholarships Direct Page: http://samaritanssteps.com/c-beyond-book-scholarship/

Written by #TheMUSEUM