October 8, 2017 Performance No Comments

“With RNO’s debut compilation – Welcome To Hooterville, booming from the Boston emcee Dundealy and company we have him stop by SMD Studios for some BBX festivies. We get him to hit the stage with the project’s outro after a sit-down with Nate. Tune into the project off SoundCloud then stream the episode on YouTube.” – BoomBox Basement

Additional Footage By: @NicoleRDS & @DesignerxPrince
Audio Mixed by @BradFeeneyProd. For Audio Engineering Inquiries..
Website: BradFeeney.com
Email: BFeeney@Berklee.edu

Dun Dealy RNO

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SoundCloud: DunDealyRNO

Nate Said

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SoundCloud: Boston BoomBox


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Self Made Designs

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DJ Lito Spinz

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