April 30, 2017 Performance No Comments

“Welcome to Boombox Basement’s Season 2 premiere! We appreciate all the support and we are looking forward to being a top platform in the city for the viewers that tune in and for the artists that stops by. Make sure you keep dropping comments, liking or disliking the episodes, subscribing to the channel, spreading the word and telling us who you want to see next!

Goon Squad blesses the BBX stage after a quick sit-down with Nate for season two episode one. Which makes them the first ever dance group to come through the basement and flex.” – BoomBox Basement

Additional Footage By: Nick LeBlanc
Audio Mixed by @BradFeeneyProd. For Audio Engineering Inquiries..
Website: BradFeeney.com
Email: BFeeney@Berklee.edu

Goon Squad

IG: @gsinc_
Email: Info.GoonSquad@Gmail.com
Direct Contact: (857) 415 – 7251

Nate Said

IG: @NateSaid
Twitter: @NateSaid
SoundCloud: Boston BoomBox


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Soundcloud: #TheMuseum TV

Self Made Designs

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DJ Lito Spinz

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Written by #TheMUSEUM