September 10, 2017 Performance No Comments

“Welcome Bj Balla to the Boombox Basement. The young, charismatic emcee has music that mixes streets and swag in a dope, Boston manner. Get familiar with the upcoming artist in a rare sit-down with Nate before you watch him hit the BBX stage with “$ega Genesis”. Then drop a comment and subscribe.” – BoomBox Basement

Additional Footage By: @NicoleRDS & @DesignerxPrince
Audio Mixed by @BradFeeneyProd. For Audio Engineering Inquiries..

BJ Balla

IG: @BrickFlair_
Twitter: @YouAintWavyy
SoundCloud: BJ

Nate Said

IG: @NateSaid
Twitter: @NateSaid
SoundCloud: Boston BoomBox


Instagram: @TheMuseumTV
Twitter: @TheMuseumTV
Soundcloud: #TheMuseum TV

Self Made Designs

IG: @TheSelfMadeDesigns
Twitter: @SMDSelfMade

DJ Lito Spinz

IG: @TheWristCarlton
Twitter: @TheWristCarlton

Written by #TheMUSEUM