September 16, 2017 Music Videos No Comments

XXXTENTACION is no stranger to controversy. This record “Look At Me!” spread like wild fire and we know you probably heard it at a show even if you didn’t know who made the song. Going back to controversy, X uses the video’s release as a platform to display a message of his. Have to watch the full video to see what he’s upto this time (he’s upto a lot usually) but in other news.. MA got another Win with the release of this visual because this was one of the biggest songs in Music to surface this year & MA’s own JMP (who we’ve been telling you about for years) got to direct it. His team The Main Idea was with him of course but to see JMP’s progression is nothing short is amazing. Watch the Video & Let us know what you think of the video by commenting below! #TMTV




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