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This video is something the world heavily needs right now with all that we see on the News & Social Media. Super powerful message that can be useful for both women and men. Boston’s Red Shaydez does an absolutely amazing job creating here. We’re definitely glad she took the time out to really plan this visual too. It was a collab with LTD Films & Starr Power Ent’s own Starr Nathan for assisted direction. How many “Little Sabrina”s do you know? You can find this record on Red Shaydez’ most recent project titled “Magnetic Aura” which boasts 19 records available everywhere for you to get to. Until/before you check that out, take a look at this video & let us know what you think by commenting below! We’ll see what more Red Shaydez comes with. šŸ› #TMTV

Red Shaydez

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