April 12, 2017 Music Videos No Comments

There’s a lot of young music artists in Boston taking their craft more serious which we love seeing because we get to tell you about it! Radar has been a versatile talent in the city for some time now as he does the singer/rapper flow but also produces beats when he’s upto it. First time this year in the Music Video Theatre for Radar, most likely not to be his last. To start things off he drops off “See Em” where he boasts of his pad looking like a Museum (which we aren’t mad at him for) and keeping the grind consistent. Radar links up with Spike Yeezus Films for this, a new videographer on our “radar”, who’s been super active lately making music videos for a few young artists from Boston. Got to appreciate that. So definitely check the video out & let us know what you think by commenting below! #TMTV


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Spike Yeezus Films

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