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Nipsey Hussle is one of the greatest examples of Grind, Patience & Respect in Music today. He moves to educate & motivate others through his music which has granted him a super loyal fan base even willing to pay $100 (even $1000) for a Free Mixtape. As an Independent Artist he’s been working hard to be able to walk into a Label meeting and get the terms he wants out of the deal. That comes from having enough to leverage off which takes time to build but he’s gotten there and with the label he set out to work with being Atlantic Records. For those that have followed Nipsey’s career you know people have been waiting on Victory Lap since 2012 and now we finally have a date set for February 16th, 2018. To kick off his Campaign, Nipsey’s first single/visual off the project is “Rap Niggas” where he’s clearly stating how he differs from the average rapper with what he’s done. Director Sergio did a great job capturing the energy as we wait for Victory Lap to arrive. Take a look at the video & let us know what you think by commenting below! #TMTV

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