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Boston’s Nick Gray takes his time with his music because he isn’t juggling for nothing. He writes/produces a lot of it to keep the music as authentic and sounding like Nick Gray as possible. One of his past releases that got our attention was “Favors”, boasting Gray’s ability to create a catchy tune. Later he gave people “Northside” with the similar sound that got us rocking with him but also with records showing some real versatility. “Jugglin (For Nothin?)” was a standout for us so we’re glad to see visuals pop up for it. It was carefully done with all the visual effects added in by director Ryan Schaefer who really put his heart into this. If you’ve ever created a video, you’d understand why we say this. Certain clips were for sure difficult to get to it’s desired look. If you haven’t gotten hip to Nick Gray, listen to his “Northside” project when you can but for now, take a look at this video & let us know what you think by commenting below! #TMTV

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