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Kodak Black is one artist we’ve been following for some time now even before his real glow up. From “No Flockin'” to this moment is simply amazing growth. He’s been in the media a lot lately for some not so appealing career moments like his Instagram Live slip up and his infamous Breakfast Club interview but none of that matters to Kodak. He’s on “Tunnel Vision”. The Zoe from Pompano just released this visual yesterday and it sits on more than 2 Million views in less than 24 firm hours. This isn’t about hanging KKK members. The United States of America is the least United it’s ever been it feels. We all feel it and Kodak does a great job using his voice to portray a message calling for the Ignorance to Stop. Michael Garcia masterminded this beautifully as the Director. We encourage you to check this video out. Let us know what you think by commenting below! #TMTV

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