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Joyner Lucas is arguably the biggest artist in the State when talking Hip-Hop. His ascension to the masses came when he was asked to be apart of the BET Cypher last year. A record with Busta Rhymes, heavy Hopsin cosigns, and FIRE visuals led even more people to his campaign. Super glad we were able to have an interview with him before the bubbling and even more happy he is right here from MA. Here’s his visual to “I’m Sorry” where Joyner struggles with a friend who committed suicide and makes sure you know what to do if you have a friend in trouble as well. He loves to help supporters walk away with a dope message after consuming his work. Joyner teamed up with Ben Proulx to direct this. Let us know what you think of the video by commenting below! #TMTV

Watch our Interview with Joyner Lucas HERE!

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