October 1, 2016 Music Videos No Comments

Boston University has been super involved with Boston’s music scene. Whether it was an artist coming from there, a cameraman or people on the managerial side of things, BU has helped Boston’s music scene tremendously. Today we’re going to put you onto Jean-Luc who’s music has a hint of a few different genres mixed in one. It’s his second time on our Music Video Theatre with this visual for “FMLYD” and the campaign for his project officially begins (he released a magazine along with this video). We’ll catch up with Jean-Luc to explain the artistry soon enough but in the meantime, checkout this Jared Brill directed cut to get familiar with BU’s favorite Pop singer. Let us know what you think of the video by commenting below! #TMTV

Other Visuals:
Jean-Luc – Kaleidoscope


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