March 16, 2017 Music Videos No Comments

Boston’s Gio Dee & Cali’s Iamsu teamed up to give us yet another #BANGER! Gio’s catchy hook and Su’s crazy flow compliment each other with this song displaying their arts. They’re both low key and about their money, making more moves and less announcements. The two of them are expected to be working on a collab project that’ll have the streets itching for more. The video for “Can You Count” was a real studio vibe with the whole video being shot inside the studio directed by a frequent collaborator of Gio’s, Curwyn Henry. They had the “PLUG” on the beat with Mexiko Dro producing the record too. Check this visual out and let us know what you think by commenting below! #TMTV (written by: @Bizzy.Nizzy)

Gio Dee

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Curwyn Henry

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Mexiko Dro

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