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We always find ourselves saying “You Can’t Count Out Them Strip Life Boys.” Dutchy DoBad has the story of 2016 in Boston. He got caught up having to do a little time as rumors were saying he was on the rise and all he was doing was supporting his Strip Life brother at his video shoot. Questions arise. Cash Gotti & Prince Smooth (Strip Life) tell us during an interview that Dutchy will be home before we know. We don’t even think two weeks passed by before hearing Dutchy was Free. As you can see he wasted no time getting to work and all the talk of his rise quickly resumed. Check out Dutchy DoBad in “Doin Numbers”, directed by JLZ Films. We’re patiently waiting on that full project. Let us know what you think of the video by commenting below! #TMTV

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Dutchy DoBad – Round The Way

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