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Divine Council is a group of Rappers consisting of $ilkMoney, Lord Linco, Cyrax, & ICYTWAT (produces as well). These guys been moving together to deliver some dope ish along with their project “Council World” on the way. For this visual, $ilkMoney is up at bat, creatively (with a nice dab of humor) showing us his love for the dope and how he shares it with friends. Record is produced by Lord Fubu. Let us know what you think of the video by commenting below! #TMTV

Divine Council

Soundcloud: Divine Council


IG: Silkbooty
Twitter: GirlsDemSugarMG

Lord Linco

IG: LordLinco
Twitter: LordLinco


IG: Bathbwoy
Twitter: Bathbwoy


IG: Councilbwoy
Twitter: ICYTWAT

Lord Fubu

IG: @LordFubu


IG: @TheMuseumTV
Twitter: @TheMuseumTV

Written by #TheMUSEUM