Dorchester is home to many of the artists we’ve featured here on @TheMuseumTV. One of Dorchester’s biggest spokesmen is the Bully Bread Bully @DBlack_BOG. D Black is an artist that really can make you feel his hunger to get it through his music. He’s seen alot and done alot. “Bully Bread” (his project recently released) is all the proof to that claim but here’s an appetizer in the form of his visual for the leading record on the project also titled “Bully Bread”. D Black teams up with the “Minister of Cinema”, @PXVCEGODFILMS, to create this for us. Take a look at the visual and let us know what you think by commenting below! 🏛 #TMTV

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D Black

IG: @DBlack_BOG
Twitter: @DBlack_BOG
Soundcloud: D. Black_BOG




IG: @TheMuseumTV
Twitter: @TheMuseumTV
Soundcloud: #TheMuseum TV

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