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Massachusetts is a place with a multitude of different styles and sounds. We aren’t pinned down to one thing. Boston is firmly rocking right now but there’s people going hard for theirs all over the state. Enter in, 40 $tacks or Bob Gnarley (same person) who’s one person that stays in his lane and simply does him (which we always recommend). His style is definitely different than most artists in the state. He’s pretty animated while he raps, tie that in with his gritty look will help you remember such a character. In his newest visual he explains how he wants to do more with his music like being able to perform at SXSW. However, just like most artists, the independent grind is a challenging one. 40 $tacks keeps it a stack with this “SXSW Freestyle” as granted he’s grinding, he’s not spending the money where it doesn’t need to go. Sev One Media handled camera work here. Take a look at the video & let us know what you think by commenting below! 40 $tack’s “The Ghost of French Hill” featuring Joyner Lucas & Gio Dee is on the way.. 🏛 #TMTV

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