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We know we’re going through our stint of #Atlanta Interviews but this should be a Familiar Face to the #Boston Music Scene. #StripLife, who’s been providing Boston with Super Quality Indy Music for years now has been avid supporters of The Museum TV since our Super Early Days. On the opposite end it’s been Fire watching the camp grow their movement. While in Atlanta in though, we caught up with Prince Smooth (one of the Main Artists of Strip Life) who released his project “Bodega Papi” a little earlier this year. He got the most personal on these records (his Gun Charge, Mom’s Section 8, Brother’s Death) than we’ve ever seen from Smooth but somehow with the seriousness of the stories, he kept his Prince Smooth swag. We also find out how ATL treats a Boston kid or outsiders in General you could say in case you’re thinking about making a Trip. “Bodega Papi” is out now, you can definitely check his Soundcloud for it. Great Interview to know the Person behind the Music. Take a look at the Sit Down & Please don’t forget to Like, Comment and Share this video! The Museum TV: #OnTheGo! “We’re Exhibiting The Culture’s Stories.” #TMTV

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Listen to Prince Smooth’s “Breaking News” HERE!

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