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Attorney Jeffrey Steinbrecher is one lawyer that makes it a focus to be of the community he serves. In this Sit Down, he goes over his story and announces the Free Legal Segments he will be providing people through our very own Platform here at The Museum TV. He wants you to know about Speeding Tickets and how fickle the laws can be. He wants you to know the REAL Law behind Marijuana and not just what your boy thinks he heard. He wants people to feel safer when being pulled over by the Police. He’s into technology, so Cyber Security will be a topic. We will also look into some Law regarding the Music Business (Contracts, Distribution, Licensing, Owning Your Masters, Etc.) as well. 2017 is looking to be content filled. The Museum TV. We are, Boston’s Premier Vlog. Please Like, Comment and Share this video! #TMTV

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