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The Media is a very interesting entity. It can “make the innocent look guilty and the guilty look innocent” as a prolific man once said. The Museum TV: On The Go’s First Sit Down in Atlanta was with “Mr. #Versace Robe” Ferrari True. Rarri True is the guy in the infamous photo that went viral after his time with Blac Chyna but let us be the ones to tell you that was nothing but a moment in time. People accredit Rarri’s lifestyle to that situation but that’s farthest from the Truth. The 24 year old has been building himself up for a while starting his own #AlkalineWater Brand called iLife, hustling his Music (check out “Sorry I Finessed” via SoundCloud), he’s coming out with his own Fragrance & more. Can’t ever say he didn’t work to be where he is on his own & with his team. Again, that situation was nothing but a moment in time. He goes in on everything written here and #Boston’s Premier Vlog got the Full Sit Down for you. Take a look at the Sit Down & Please don’t forget to Like, Comment and Share this video! #TMTV

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Listen to Rarri True’s “Trenches” HERE!

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