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Nate, One of Boston’s Young Leaders, stops by #TheMUSEUM to talk with Amber on his latest movements helping the city grow culturally. His presence has been felt via his writing skills, sharing peoples’ music, supporting clothing lines & most recently helping put together The BoomBox Basement (one of the newest platforms to spring up in Boston for Music Artists, which we visually produce). Nate breaks down The BoomBox Basement for you guys but also talks on managing Artists. If you know Nate then you know of his work with up and comer Jiggz who’s music is playing in the background of this one. Nate’s growth has been dope to watch & we hope you guys enjoy this Sit Down! He got more jiggy sh*t to come. Please Like, Comment and Share this video! #TMTV

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Nate Said
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Listen to “Right Back” by Jiggz HERE!

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