Boston’s Premier Vlog, The Museum TV, heads to Broward County to get Familiar with the Culture at Large! We are Boston-Based helping our arts’ scene grow but there’s growing art scenes other places too that we’d like to highlight. While in Broward, The Museum TV’s creator Noble got to Sit Down with JayO who is the producer behind DJ Khaled & Drake’s “To The Max” and Kodak Black’s infamous tune “Fresh Out (My Struggle)”. Now obviously we talk about landing those big tunes but also get into what’s shaking out in Broward. Oh & S/O to Dollaz-N-Dealz for letting us do the Sit Downs at their Studios too! #TMTV: #OnTheGo! Take a look at the Sit Down & Please don’t forget to Like, Comment and Share this video! #TMTV

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Listen to Kodak Black’s “Fresh Out (My Struggle)” HERE!

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