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Boston’s Premier Vlog, The Museum TV, heads to Connecticut to link & build with creatives from the state! We are Boston-Based helping our arts’ scene grow but there’s growing art scenes other places too! CT has a bubbling scene of its own and we get to Sit Down with up and coming music artist Lonny X. Lonny has been getting some national attention from outlets like “Elevator” & “Pigeons And Planes” for his work so we got him to talk about his sound, jumping/tackling people in his newest music video for “Drama” & the growing music scene in CT that brought us there. Lonny X for sure has some fire material we think you should go check out (he has a show in Boston, April 28th, at The Inner Sanctum) but please don’t forget to Like, Comment and Share this video! #TMTV

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Listen to “Lonny X Feat. K$ubi Kayy – WHO U” HERE!

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