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Boston’s Premier Vlog, The Museum TV, heads to Connecticut to link & build with creatives from the state! We are Boston-Based helping our arts’ scene grow but there’s growing art scenes other places too! CT has a bubbling scene of its own and we get to Sit Down with up and coming music artist K$ubi Kayy. He has done a good amount of moving around before finding home in Bridgeport, CT where he’s laid his foundation and watched his music grow. Coming from growing up to Gospel music to being exposed to Rock music but coming out doing Hip Hop, K$ubi’s story is dope. His artistry also matches. Great catching back up with our guy as since we last talked he’s been working on his own Record Label called “Make It Happen Records”. Please don’t forget to Like, Comment and Share this video! #TMTV

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Listen to K$ubi Kayy’s “Walk Thru” HERE!

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