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Happy New Year!!! We hope you all are ready for another dope year of The Museum TV. We ended 2016 with introducing Amber as a Host and she is firmly holding her own working with us. To kick things off for her this year, we had Sean, co-owner of IV Boston, stop by to tell us of the clothing line that has embodied that Boston Pride. Bruins, Red Sox, Celtics and Patriots players own IV Boston clothing which you can find on them during Post Game Interviews etc. IV Boston has gotten a lot of sports love but also from the Music Scene as well. Guys like Jefe Replay, PLAD Fine$$e, AK and Boogie Da God wear the brand proudly. This is just really IV Boston. Such a dope line. Sean is a Boston City FireFighter as well! How much realer can it get? Please Like, Comment and Share this video! #TMTV

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