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#Boston’s Dutch ReBelle is a huge Advocate of Boston Music. She’s been heavily making tracks, getting nominated for numerous awards (notably with the Boston Music Awards) and spending time out of the state spreading her brand. In recent news, she’s been campaigning for her new project #BangBang which is the sequel to #KissKiss that came out a few years ago. This time, Dutch has teamed up with #KickStarter to bring a whole new experience to delivering music to people. She’s involving her supporters and fellow creatives that have/want to work with her to make this drop special. Amber sits down with her to get more details for people because this is definitely a different delivery than we have seen for a project. Stay Tuned to The Museum TV! We’re Exhibiting the #Culture’s Stories. Take a look at the video then Like, Comment and Share! #TMTV

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Listen to Dutch ReBelle’s “I Can’t” HERE!

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