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Always dope when past guests on The Museum TV stop back through and just been KILLING it since. Our guy Dommy Divine first came by solely on his clothing line grind but since then has put together a collection of new hats he can wear and prosper in. He began to manage a few music artists like Slug Christ, IDontKnowJeffery & Little Pain to get experience in that realm of management. He also got the green light from #NewEngland’s Adam22, owner of the popular podcast #NoJumper, to help out putting shows together. And honestly, you just have to watch this Sit Down as Amber figures out just what else this man has on his resume currently. Dommy is one of the nicest guys ever and it’s good to see the Good Guys Winning! Stay Tuned to The Museum TV! We’re Exhibiting the #Culture’s Stories. Take a look at the video then Like, Comment and Share! #TMTV

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