It’s crazy how slept on #MA as a whole is because even in the most low-key places you may find someone making waves on a scale bigger than the state lines. Hailing from West of MA is DJ Lucas who rolls with his Dark World Fam making music and memories that have cultivated a cult-like audience. His breakout record “Ballerina Look Like Jumpman” has landed him an interview on the coolest podcast in the world (No Jumper) and a highlight for the Whole Dark World Fam on TheFader has stemmed from that as well. He stops by with Sly C and Luiego of Dark World to talk his progress, all the different towns he’s lived in, why #DunkinDonuts needs to endorse him #ASAP, and what’s to come for himself & #DarkWorldRecords. These guys are having a lot of fun and keeping true to themselves. Dope to get them in #TheMUSEUM to chop it up with Amber. Stay Tuned to The Museum TV! We’re Exhibiting the #Culture’s Stories. Take a look at the video then Like, Comment and Share! #TMTV

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Listen to DJ Lucas’s “Ballerina Look Like Jumpman” HERE!

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