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One of the early influencers of this refreshed #Boston wave is Cave or you may know him as Samo D. This guy has some of the most authentic music we’ve seen come out the city. He’s made his rounds in #Boston but has decided to move to #Brooklyn where he’s been networking and getting a gang of music together. Cave while back in Boston stops by #TheMuseum to chop with Amber about why he Left the City, Boston’s growth and how his #Love Relationships effect his Artistry overall. Cave keeps it super #authentic (he’s seen different stages of this Boston wave) as we expected him to so you’ll want to hear this out. Stay Tuned to The Museum TV! We’re Exhibiting the #Culture’s Stories. Take a look at the video then Like, Comment and Share! #TMTV

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Listen to CAVE’s “SMDFTB” HERE!

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