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There’s much happening under #Boston’s umbrella right now & events especially are coming by the bundle. Some events are a great one time idea while others have the ability to stretch over time. One event that has had the ability to stretch is the #ArtPlug curated by CaucTease. The event is really a melting pot of Art of all kinds literally. Anyone can find something they’re into or get hip to. The series is about to see its Anniversary on the 20th of this month at its consistent location at the Inner Sanctum Boston. We get the “Father” & Creator (CaucTease) to stop by and chop it up with one of our hosts, Guru Sanaal, about why the event was created, things to expect as a party goer and how to get involved if you’re a creator trying to display your art. #Boston is finally helping itself. And we’re glad to be able to tell you about it. Please Like, Comment and Share this video! We are, Boston’s Premier Vlog. #TMTV

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