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We Hope You All Enjoyed Your Thanksgiving! To finish off the day, we wanted to put you onto the smooth sounds of #Boston’s Alejandro Blanco. His project “AUGU$T” has gained him some good notoriety among the #Boston Music scene (for extra work you can check him out on The SuperSmashBroz “Family Cookout” project) and his FEARLE55 Camp has been going crazy as a whole ever since his drop. Granted we mention how his smooth sounds shine through to set his sound apart from most, he actually took to giving bars rapping heavily at first. It’s interesting to see how his sound has developed over time and as he talks to Amber he’s promising much more Fire for the New Year that’s right around the corner. Ladies especially, we think you’ll love the sounds. Fellas, don’t be surprised if you relate to the love situations via his music. Stay Tuned to The Museum TV! We’re Exhibiting the #Culture’s Stories. Take a look at the video then Like, Comment and Share! #TMTV

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Listen to Alejandro Blanco’s “On Sight” HERE!

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