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#TheMUSEUM TV Presents, SECHION: City Love Tour 2, a Mini-Documentary following up & coming music artist Sechion (@akaSechion). Shot & Edited by #TheMUSEUM’s Creator Noble (IG: @Le_GooLord).

“When Noble approached me to document this year’s iteration of The City Love Tour I was hesitant at first. His vision was to interview me at the beginning of our process to the very end. I think a lot of my resistance had to do with revealing too much of myself and my friends. Being a part of a generation where everyone seemingly draws the curtain into their lives with mixed results I still value privacy. In this case I’m happy to admit I was wrong. The moments captured in this mini doc does justice to all involved. I’m really thankful to have a team surrounding me that believes in what it is we’re trying to accomplish. I’m thankful to have had the opportunity to share the stage with all the artist that took the time to perform but most importantly assist in building a music culture, a community for the city I love.” – Sechion


Instagram: @Pronounced_Session
Twitter: @akaSechion


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Written by #TheMUSEUM